Gleddoch – Senior Open – Stroke Play

Playing partners Simon Smith, on my right and John McQueeny ready to begin our round at Gleddoch Golf Club.

This, unfortunately,  was not my best golfing experience, mainly due to the putting surfaces and fairways being unlike any other course I have played this year. While the weather was hot and sunny and the views excellent, the actual condition of the greens were slow, and at times uneven, making what should have been a memorable experience a disappointment. While I did not score well on the outward nine, despite three threes on my card, I took even more shots on the inward half, scoring a gross 82 to miss the buffer zone with ease. The course is quite hilly and at times has you wondering if it is ever going to level out. Some of the holes are well designed and make use of the uneven terrain, but this is one course I shall not be returning to. The clubhouse was as good as any, while the staff were efficient and helpful. The photo opposite shows the view of the 18th Fairway from the Tee, and unless you are a long hitter, do not consider carrying the trees at the corner, they are further than you think. However, if you like to make up your own mind about a golf course then please do so, after all, this is only my opinion based on the conditions on the day. Tel 01475 540704 or e-mail:

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