Mortonhall – Senior Open

This photograph is looking from the Lounge back up the 18th fairway, the green is to the left. Unfortunately I have no photo of me and my playing partners as the lady who kindly offered to take a few must have actually had a few (only kidding). Anyhow, she managed to press the wrong button several times and my playing partners had left before I noticed the mistake. It was a very hot and sunny day when my nephew and I arrived. The clubhouse was very nice and worth a visit on its own. But the greens were superb, very smooth, very fast and very unreadable. I three putted five greens while my playing partners three putted at least the same if not more. The fairways were themselves in good condition, so other than the fact that we could not read the greens we had no excuses.

West Linton - Kilmacolm - Mortonhall 005The photo on the left is looking towards the clubhouse from the 18th Green, a lovely setting indeed. We had a good day out and enjoyed the whole experience. Definitely worth a visit, but as stated on their web site, “not suitable for beginners” which could be due to the putting surfaces. To book a round contact Bernadette Giefer, the Club Manager on 0131 447 6974 or e-mail:

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