East Kilbride Golf Club – 4BBB

What a lovely morning to play golf. The clubhouse is almost brand new, having been rebuilt in 2011 after a fire the year before completely destroyed the building and is in pristine condition, as you can see from the photo’s. East Kilbride Golf ClubhouseEast Kilbride Golf ClubhouseAs is our custom, we arrived an hour before our start time of 10.00am, only to discover that the kitchen did not open till 10.00am. A bit disappointing for an Open Competition as those playing later would likely have had time for breakfast and would be unlikely to require food, while we had risen early to ensure our arrival and still have time to eat.

Our fellow competitors today, are Mat Donaghy and Tom McCone, both members of Burnfield Golf Club. After we had all driven off at the first hole, both Mat and Tom began to think that my nephew Billy was the lower handicap between us, as he had hit his tee shot long and straight, while I had found the trees on the right. Unfortunately after Billy thinned his approach twenty yards through the green Mat and Tom were no longer in any doubt. The golf course is well laid out, with some really good holes, however as this was our first time we became lost between the green and the next tee on a few occasions. Not for the first time, at opens this year, the greens were a bit on the slow side and also several bunkers we visited either required to be better raked or more sand added to give a consistent depth.

East Kilbride 4BBB 2

The above comments did not reflect on our scores as all four of us hit a number of poor shots on the day. Overall, the service was good, lunch was very good and our playing partners were fun. Thanks guys.

For anyone wishing to visit East Kilbride, which I recommend, you can book on-line or telephone: Secretary – 01355 581800 or Professional: 01355 581805. Provided the weather is reasonable this is another golf course you will enjoy, and we will be returning on Friday 16th August to participate in the Senior Open. (Must remember to take filled rolls for our breakfast.)

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