Dunbar – Senior Open – Stroke Play

Long time since I’ve played here but it was another first for my nephew Billy.  Dunbar Golf Club _Captains LoungeThe              photo opposite is The Captains’ Lounge, steeped in history, going back over one hundred and fifty years. The clubhouse itself is due for an upgrade as the photo below reveals. Dunbar Golf Club_10th GreenOnly kidding, this is in fact a photo of the 10th Green.  The conditions on the day were breezy, if you were a member, or very gusting if a visitor, which we were. The strong winds made it difficult to judge distances and the slick greens required some Blue Tack attached to your ball if you wanted it to stay on the green when putting with the wind. The day was enjoyable, if not for the golf, our playing partners made it fun and the service in the clubhouse was up to the standard you would expect from this part of golfing lore. To arrange an outing or friendly four ball – Tel: +44 (0)1368 862317  or Email: secretary@dunbargolfclub.com

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