Forfar Golf Club – Gents’ 4Ball Better-Ball

Travelled to Forfar with my two nephews Billy and Craig, along with son-in-law Guy to compete in their 4Ball Better-Ball Open competition. Unfortunately, there were a few “no shows” which meant that we did not play as a four ball. Guy and myself did, however, manage to beat the better ball score of Billy and Craig thanks to a two under par score of 67. The course was in much better condition than my last visit and Craig and Guy enjoyed their first experience of playing golf at Forfar Golf Club.  I’m sure everyone will have played here at some time, but if not, then log on to and do so now. Their booking system is all done on-line, and it only takes a few minutes to book your time/s. A credit card is required, but payment is not taken from your card unless you fail to appear, or you are booking tee times for an Open Competition. Enjoy the golf.

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