Monifieth Golf Club – Gents’ Open

Yet again another return visit, this time to Monifieth Golf Club for their Gents’ Open. This must go down as the biggest disappointment of the year as only seventeen holes were in play due to heavy rain flooding part of the golf course. Myself and John Docherty from Stirling Golf Club could not believe that we were being asked to take part in an open golf competition which would not count towards handicapping purposes and was to be held over seventeen holes, or more correctly, over sixteen and three quarter holes. It proved to be a miserable day, not only due to the constant rain but also due to the fact that it didn’t mean anything. I don’t enter these competitions to win prizes, although it’s nice when you do, I enter opens to play other golf courses and to try and play to my handicap. So while the golf course was not at fault I felt let down by the organisers who perhaps could not, or would not, organise another date and seemed only interested in keeping our money. As I stated earlier, a BIG, BIG disappointment.

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