The Roxburghe – “Friendly” Fourball

The RoxburgheThe weather was windy but dry and the course was in excellent condition. I struck the ball as good as I have ever done, but still managed to lose by two holes. My nephews Craig and Billy, combined well together and used their strokes to great effect while I did not score well and put my partner Stewart, Craig’s father-in-law, under tremendous pressure. There were rumours that Stewart wanted his son-in-law to win, which in effect meant I had three opponents instead of two. I remembered my camera on this occasion but unfortunately it had been left switched on and the batteries were done. Unfounded rumours spread quickly that it was simply not the case and that the reason for the camera developing a fault was because I did not want to have my photograph taken with a sour face. Wait till the next time. The Roxburghe’s only fault is the travelling, twenty minutes outside my comfort zone of ninety minutes. However, the course was in very good condition and we were made to feel welcome from our arrival. We were made to feel welcome, served promptly with our filled rolls and freshly ground coffee. Despite the distance you may have to drive it is worth a visit and well worth the cost.

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